Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fireman Sam Number Rescue

In preparation for preschool we played a game with magnetic numbers and fireman Sam with a helicopter and helipad.

I placed the one set of numbers in order on the chalkboard for him to match up to.

He had to identify the number and collect it from the helipad and place it in the harness then take it to the chalkboard to match it up to.

He enjoyed playing and was pleased he matched up the numbers. He still doesn't recognise all the numbers but definitely made progress.
Zac 2.11

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Frog on a log science


Storybook inspired science. 
Tadpole observation and transformation is a great way to explore the life cycle of a frog.

Tadpole magnets.
We had some magnets that have a ball and a tail which were great for tadpoles. So this science sctivity is about exploring magnets.


Table target

This game was made up by my son.
 The chalk and spray were already out and he saw the table folded up and asked if he could use as a target.
So I drew three circles in diode rent colours and he wanted numbered but we just gave each colour a number.

They had to shoot and add up the scores 

Then they had to trace the circles to erase them.

I think we will use the table like this again for similar activities .
Dylan 5.7
Zac 2.11

Euro 2016: chalk flags

In preparation for England's next match we chose England and Iceland's flag to draw. 
He used his sticker book to copy the flag.
Dylan even decided to predict 3-0 to England .

He thought it was funny predicting the score . 

I had to help with the outline, it would be much easier on a flat surface but the  shed is a favourite for chalking on.

He wrote the teams name underneath after but I didn't get a pic of that.

We discussed similarities and differences in the two flags.  I think we will have a look at location on a map and size of the country before Monday's match.

We had a water spray bottle and sponge to wipe it off after which was just as much fun . 

He thought it was funny to do the opposite of England flag Switzerland . 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Number Bonds :10

My son's homework inspire us to play number bond games.

 Abacus number bonds.
He had his rainbow poster for support.
The top line was 0-10 and then 1-9 and so on. I thought he would count each one but he soon realised a pattern and place 1 then 2 then 3 to the left.
I recorded him explaining this process and he was very impressed with himself.

Melissa and Doug number jigsaw dominoes. 
First he had to match the number to the picture. Then he arranged them into number bonds. The only problem is number five as there is only one.

Number flash cards 
He really liked cards at the moment so he liked this one. Some of them have written numbers on so we matched them too. He was pleasantly surprised how successful he was. ( me too)

Hopefully the activities with numbers displayed will help him learn which way to write the numbers. 

I think we are going to try with Lego next time .
Dylan 5.8

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alien Cups


A story book inspired craft. My boys love this book and had fun making these cup aliens.
My eldest even drew underpants on.
We could made paper pants to stick on

My two year old drew his face on. He also placed the forks and spoons in. I just pierced holes and sellotaped them inside.

We role played with the Aliens when we read the book. The eldest named him
Four eyed spike and Bubba Bob Bob was the name of my two year olds alien.

Dylan 5.7
Zac 2.11

Log Work Station

Today while his daddy was doing DIY my 2 year old wanted to be like daddy and insisted hammering everywhere in the house so I went to the shed and grabbed a hammer nails, nuts & bolts, Allen key and spanners.

I hammered 5 nails into a log in the garden and encouraged him to hammer them.

I showed him how nuts and bolts work and he placed the nuts on the nails.
We counted the nuts and the washers.

He practised his fine motor skills picking them up and moving them.

We talked about shapes and whether the nuts fit into the spanner. 

We talked about which way to screw and unscrew the nuts.
We picked up the nuts, balanced and counted them on the Allen Key.

Nice weather too, good garden fun.
Zac 2.11.