Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Frog Jumping Day

Well it seems today is frog jumping day so I thought how can I use this to have some fun with my son.

Leap frog obstacle course

My first thought was to play the game 'leap frog' only I am nearly 8 months pregnant and my son is 2.5 yo. But with the help of his daddy we can do this. You could also get them to leap frog over objects and create a leap frog obstacle course.

Jumping origami frog
Then I remembered a colleague of my how was really good at origami and he used to make frogs that you could make jump.

Frog hunt
You could of course go searching for frogs and if you have been watching frog spawn change into tadpoles you may have already seen then develop into frogs.

Frog species comparison
You could also look at different frog species and their habitat

Amphibian comparison
You could discuss the vertebrate group of amphibians and look at other amphibians and compare.

Lilly pad math

Lillypad trampoline game

Frog jump balloon popping

Create frog rock buddies

You could then use them to throw onto Lilly pads for an outdoor activity

Homemade catapult to fling frogs

Playdoh lillypads and frogs

Indoor Lilly pad hop

Frog magnet hop

Frog race

Frog cake pop sticks

Frog balloon rocket

Frog pea shooting

Lillypad rainbow hop

Lillypad Simon says hop

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