Monday, May 20, 2013

Peg Pinch Pilates Wheel

This activity was developed by my son who collected the peg basket and my Pilates hoop that he likes to try and hula hoop with. 

He then tried pinching the pegs ( something he struggles with). I asked he to put them on the wheel but he could quite do it.

So I then added them and asked him to remove them.

He could do this quite easily. He placed the pegs back in the basket counting as he did it.

Learning ideas
1. Counting pegs
2. Fine motor skills pinching pegs 
3. You could incorporate colours by getting assorted coloured pegs
4. Make it more literacy based by adding letters to the pegs
5. Add pictures of animals to the pegs and ask them to pick on- old McDonald had a farm. 

Dylan 2.5

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