Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cranes back in Britain.

First crane egg in 400 years laid at Slimbridge

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The first crane egg in southern Britain in more than 400 years has been laid by a nesting bird.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire has been rearing cranes and reintroducing them to the West Country since 2010.  A nesting couple have laid an egg and is currently under 24 hour watch to ensure the egg hatches.  The trust has been rearing them in captivity. 

Hunting and the loss of wetlands led to cranes becoming extinct in Britain.

You can watch the birds and the eggs on a webcam from the WWT website.


Where to see them?

In Britain, migrating cranes are seen mostly in the south and east. The location of the single breeding site is kept secret to protect the birds.

When to see them?

You are most likely to see migrating cranes in Britain in April and early May, occasionally in autumn.

What they eat?

Seeds, crops, insects, snails and worms.

Craft ideas

3D model Cranes

Crane lollipop stick

A template can be found on this  site.

Origami paper crane

A clip of how to make these beautiful quite popular origami bird can be found on the site.



This is a perfect opportunity to link news into activities you do with your Little Bright Sparks.

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