Monday, May 20, 2013

Hungry Hippos style diggers game.


My son loves the hungry hippos game and we had recently just played it, so when he had his diggers out I wondered what I could give him to move around as building materials. We used marbles the day before to make instruments so I choose them.

As he was playing with the diggers I asked him to count how many marbles each could carry and his task was to carry them to the skip or the builders yard.

Then he had to choose the right diggers for the job. The ones that can 'scoop'. I isn't but you could write a label with the words on to incorporate literacy.

He then had to line them up in the order of who could carry the most.

He then sorted the diggers out into colours. Again you can have the different labels to say the name of the colours to include literacy. I children are still unsure of colours you could also have pice of colour paper to do a colour match rather than sort.

He then lined them up in colour order. This could be done in the order of colours in the rainbow. 

Then he wanted me to play so we played hungry hippos using the diggers. We had a larger marble to act as the white ball. The aim of the game was to scoop as many marbles as possible. Then we has to count them to see who won. The winning wasn't as important for us it was just funny to see him try to scoop really fast.

He actually beat mean most times. Obviously because he had the diggers who could scoop the most. 

Learning activities
1. Counting the number of scooped marbles
2. Sequence in order of capacity
3. Sort into groups according to colour
4. Identify and sort diggers into scoopers and non scoopers
5. Line them up in order of size
6. Hungry hippo style game 
7.  Scooping and dumping marbles from one place to another.

Dylan enjoyed this activity but I wouldn't leave him unsupervised with marbles even though I don't think he would put them in his mouth. So please be aware if you try this.
There are lots of activities and learning options including numeracy, literacy, colours and using fine motor skills.

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