Monday, May 20, 2013

Lollipop stick shapes

Lollipop sticks have many uses. Making shapes being one of them.
I have tried this activity a few times and most of the time I have had to do most of the work.
However this time Dylan responded really well. I asked him to make a blue square and a purple triangle.

He did really well after I modelled it first, he then wanted to make a rectangle.

His concentration didn't last for long. He also reverted back to train mode and wanted to make a track.
( an activity we tried previously)

He then helped tidy up.

Learning ideas
1. To make shapes
2. To make coloured shapes
3. To make shapes with lollipop sticks with shapes drawn on them
4. To make shapes with shape names written on.
5. To use the shapes to make a picture such as a house.
6. Use to count number of sides.
7. Glue sticks down to make pictures
8. Use playdoh to make 3D shapes such as a cuboid.
9. Use pipe cleaners to show round shapes.

Quick of the cuff activity, no mess , lots of learning and imagination plus fine motor movement picking up the sticks.

Dylan aged 2.5


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