Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brown leaf brown bear: book club activity

Brown bear brown bear what do you see? Fantastic book by Bill Martin jr featured authour in the virtual book club for september.

There is a huge tree that leaves loads of leaves on our front lawn. So we decided to link our autumn activity with the book club activity.

So here is the brown bear made from leaves, cardboard, paper, glue, scissors and googley eyes.

1. Collect some leaves.
2. Draw the outline of the bear
3.'put some pva glue on the bear

4. Stick some leaves on

5. Draw and cut the head out of cardboard
6. Stick on googley eyes
7. Add brown shading
8. Attach head to the body

All done!

Tip: try to use leaf stem as the claw.

This activity was quite fiddley for my two year old as the leaves  didn't stick very easily. Maybe if we had flattened them overnight first they wouldn't curl up so much.

Not quite a master piece but he enjoyed it and we sang the story as a song like Bill Martin jr on YouTube .

Dylan 2.11

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