Sunday, September 1, 2013

Disney Planes craft: peg planes

My son loves Disney cars and when they released the spinoff movie planes we we delighted to take him to the cinema to see the film. I'm not sure he enjoyed it as much as Cars but he soon started rein acting parts of the movie with the planes relatives had bought for him while I was in hospital giving birth. However they are metal , quite heavy and sharp so I won't let him throw them. So I looked for a craft activity.

Glue free peg and lollipop stick planes
What do you need?

An old style clothes pin
Two large lollipop sticks
Two small lollipop sticks 
Felts (optional)

How do you do it?
Basically slot the sticks into place and decorate.

My son loves dusty so I copied him and he just coloured how he liked and it often changed from skipper to ripslinker.

The only problem not using glue is it often comes loose when you throw it. Which my son got frustrated with but soon worked out he can fix it.

You could use glue to stick googled eyes on an propellers. You could also use double sided tape to secure it a little more. 

Dylan used a cotton bud to attach between the sticks as a gun. Clever boy! Loved it!

We had races throwing them and rescue missions as well as copying parts of the film.

Create fun looking forward to making more designs. Please let us know how you get on.

Dylan 2.10

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