Thursday, August 22, 2013

Threading pipe cleaners and beads

I originally tried this activity when Dylan was one but I only had a few pipe cleaners and of course wasn't going to use beads . He did thread the pipe cleaners with help but wasn't very interested.

I think his interest has grown as he is older more physically capable, he can understand instructions and loves the addition of the beads.
Here he is counting the beads.
Now he is telling me the colours.
Look at the concentration!
Warning the ends are quite sharp and I wouldn't even now leave him alone with them just invase he decides to put them in his mouth.

Now he is trying to match the sequence I have made.

Searching for colours that I hint to him to get the sequence to match

Counting and identifying colours again.

I then got him to compare them to check if they match,

Dylan was more interested in threading beads and then put them into the colander .

This activity involves:-
Colour identification: we had different shades which was good for him to work out
Numeracy:- sequencing and counting
Fine motor skills: threading, picking up beads
Listening skills: giving sequences verbally

Extra ideas
To get them to predict the next bead
Sort colours/shades
Makes rainbow bracelet
Tell a story using the colours in the sequence by choosing an object of that colour.
Such as the blue dolphin had white teeth and a red and pink to tongue. He lives in the blue sea where there is lots of green seaweed. An orange boat with a black roof when sailing past and dropped a yellow net into the blue sea.

Any more ideas that you would or have tried please let me know.

Dylan 2.8

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