Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cars Observation game.

My second son is only 3 weeks old and I a, conscious that my first son will feel left out especially when we are on our own and I am feeding Zac . So I started reading with Dylan and trying to invent games that we could do that didn't involve movement and that would interest Dylan .

He is really into Cars the movie at the moment and plays with the cars all the time. So I showed how to play a memory game of removing an object and asking him to recall the missing object.
I encouraged him to look at all the cars and remember them.
Then be had to cover his eyes and count to five.
Next he had to guess.

I used a blanket to conceal what I was doing but isn't that important.
He was extremely good got it right e every time within seconds. He has a very good memory so I am always happy to develop it. He then wanted to do the hiding bless him. 

He showed the game to his dad later and he used the blanket. James asked why is he using the blanket? It's funny to see them copy things exactly including the phrases I used.

Dylan 2.8

Any ideas for other games I could play while feeding ??

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