Friday, September 6, 2013

Little chef: Crumpet pizzas

After the success of making and trying scrambled eggs I wanted to encourage my toddler to try cheese. He loves pizza and cracker cheese as he calls it so I think he would like it.

So I thought about making pizza on toast but had no fresh bread so decided to do crumpets.

The ingredients

1. Toast the crumpets
2. Spread tomatoes ( chopped or plum that you have chopped) or passata
3. Add grated cheese
4. Add extra toppings like ham
5. Optional add herbs like basil and oregano
Sprinkling the cheese.
Sprinkling the herbs.

Sampling the cheese.
The finished crumpets.

Trying the pizzas

Trying mummy's pizza too.

Activity involves ...
Fine motor skills
Sensory skills
Culinary skills

All the family liked the look of them. His nanny even made her own. However she forgot the herbs. :)

A success he ate grated cheese and even asked for a cheese sandwich days later and ate it all up!
Well done Dylan!

Dylan 2.9

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