Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top trump activities

As a secondary school teacher I have used top trump cards in my lessons many ways. My son is two and doesn't know how to play them the way they are intended as he can't read . Instead he tends to use it as a shopping list for asking for the next toy to add to his collection. (Spoilt by family). 

So he now has Disney cars & planes and Marvel ultimate heroes.
I thought of ways to use them differently as him loves looking at them.

This is what I came up with. We haven't tried them all yet.

Toy match
If you have the toys you could play a game to find them and match them.  This could be made more difficult hiding the toys. If you don't have the actual toy a drawing or other representation could be used.

Alphabet match
We have tried this with the Disney cars, we sorted the cards by the first letter of the name and matched them to the alphabet. We used alphabet flashcards but you could use magnet letters, stones or bottle tops.

Using the card encourage them to describe what they see without saying the name.  Getting them to guess from your description is just as fun. Focus on colours, shapes , number of wheels/ wings/ body parts, weapons, special powers, clothing and I'm sure much more depending on the pack.

Craft activity
Selecting a card to then focus a craft activity

Name identification and spelling
To recognise the object/ character's name.
To use letter to spell the names of the objects/ characters. Practise writing the names.

Sorting the cards into groups- based on colour, name, type, skill, clothing and I'm sure you can think of more. The objects can also be included in this activity.

Basic building by stacking cards, although this is challenging.

Activity selection
Use the cards to select what to do. So if you pick Spider-Man then spied related activities could be done.  The pack will determine how successful this is. Cars and plane maybe a little restricted. But if you picked lightening McQueen you could focus on lightening or a queen theme.  Dusty from planes you could focus on crops and farms/ scarecrows.

You could encourage them to make a sound related to the card. Again some cards are easier than others. Spider-Man web releasing sound , Thor hammer banging sound.
Story telling
Select a few cards and use them to tell a story. This can be verbal, drawing or written depending on age. You could also use multiple top trumps packs.

You could look for shapes on the cards 
You can physically use the cards to make shapes.

Target practise
You can attach them to a board and throw objects at them or drop them if they are on the floor.

Role play
They could select a card and act like the character and rein act a scene if its from a movie.

To use them to make a number.
To spot numbers on the card
Count how many have similar attributes

Spelling names, look for action words , recognise letters, have them as a letter focus day. Writing a story or a poem. Using words to describe.

Describe what senses the characters use to their advantage. To sense related activities linked to the card. Ghost rider incorporates fire- you could talk about fire, heat, the colours, listen to a fire, smell a fire, melt marshmallows obviously not touch but feel the heat.

Make a food picture of the card. 
Or try foods that begin with the letter ie hulk: ham, hot dogs, hummus 

Create a card
To make your own version of the set. Make them and family members into a car or a plane or a super hero.

Top trumps game
Use them as intended

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