Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ideas for Sea Monkey day

Today is sea monkey day. Sea monkeys are a form of Brine Shrimp - a group of crustaceans that undergo Cryptobiosis. This means their eggs will remain dormant until environmental conditions are return I.e you put them in a tank with water.

Having them as a pet is fairly easy and them are definitely learning activities as well as the experience itself that 
are worth doing.

You could use them in a science experiment to sea what stimuli they respond to.
See this website for more details

Another science based activity could be to observe the hatching of sea monkeys and create a journal.

Take photographs and make up a digital story

Make playdoh models
Children can design their own sea monkey out of playdoh . Maybe use pipe cleaners too.

Make a magnetic fishing game  
Cut out cardboard shapes to represent the  sea monkeys then add a paper clip.  Using. Stick with a magnet 
attached by a string make a fishing rod. You could number oralphabetise them. 

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