Sunday, June 2, 2013

Peppa pig and seven valley railway trip

Dylan loves trains especially Thomas the tank. H e also is very found of peppa pig and Georgie pig as he says. So when they advertised Peppa pig coming to our local steam railways it was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Go on a steam train and see peppa and George pig.

lots of the trains we saw were said to look like characters from Thomas. This one looked like Emily.

This one looked like James.

Not as big as yours at home Dylan! 
Had to tell him to move on as we got one at home.

One of the trains was also called Gordon.

We went on the old mail train and he ...

Sorted out the mail.

Missed the kiss!

Did a jig saw puzzle several times
Tried to get in the car.

Made a drivers hat

Coloured in

Made a train on a stick

Great fun. Thanks for coming mom. Six months pregnant wold have been difficult .

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