Sunday, July 21, 2013

DIY Road activity

My son has become obsessed with cars and has reinstated his interest in his toot toot garage.  You can buy extension parts but I decided to make some extra road and tunnels to encourage imaginative play.

Materials needed
Old cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes
Black tape or marker
Toilet and kitchen rolls - for tunnels

Dylan liked turning the road over to see the cereal advertising, he needed help to construct the road to get a complete circuit at first then he successfully modelled what I had shown him. He did get a little frustrated when the road moved so I encouraged him to overlap the pieces and place the garage on top of the pieces.

This was mainly an imaginative play session but we did talk about directions like left and right , forward and reverse.  I also encouraged him to count the pieces and the black stripes. 

I now have this in a bag ready to whip out when I'm looking for a quick activity.
We do have a car mat, this could be used to extend that or to take in the garden.
I have seen another blog make a road out of playdoh. We might try this next.

To make the tunnel I cut a tab out of the kitchen roll and taped it to the two toilet rolls.

Dylan 2.7 years

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