Friday, January 9, 2015

Painting with hyacinths

Every xmas my mother-in-law buys me a hyacinth plant as her dad who passed away a few years ago always did her. So as it is special to her we always make her a piece of art to keep in memory of him. 

Last year we painted a big art piece with them and cut it up . We used it as a colour mixing activity too and I showed Dylan how to make purple and to make different shades.

This year we recreated the flower by painting the stem and printing the flowers.

He also painted a big heart too as our colour this year was red .(for my living room).

For the heart I used a peg to grip flower as it became quite flimsy.

I drew the outline in red and they printed inside.

Here are some photos of the process .

Dylan 4.2 and Zac 17 months.
The mother-in-law is going to put it on a frame . 
Pleased with the second year of this family tradition . 

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