Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chalking Mad

The other day we visited our local Sima warehouse and came across a pack of huge chalk . So today I thought lets blog hop and find ideas. 
I've just remembered brick dominoes 

So we started off just free styling on the drive and Dylan drew a maze , Zac scribbled over the shapes we drew.
Dylan's maze (zac called a ladder)

Then I drew a hopscotch grid and we played that. ( not neat on the blocks but was ok)

Then I got them to squirt trace the numbers .

Then the paint brushes came out.

And next the scrubbing brush.

We tried a maze but it was too bumpy. 
So we made a brick road.

So we drew a few white lines to look like a road.
Then came brick vehicles

A bus.

I made a rainbow brick but Dylan was still hooked on the road .

Zac started to match up colours then he rubbed it and coloured over it .

The easel wasn't a huge hit.
The chalk bodies on the shed was though.

I drew the outline and they added features.

Could get one together but the shed now looks like this ,,,

Finally the trampoline . I wrote nimbers and drew shapes and they had to Boyce on the one I said.

Then the drawing and name writing .

Then we had lunch . Not sure if we will be doing anymore today!

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