Sunday, April 14, 2013

100 things to paint with

Dylan wasn't really into art and painting as a baby and he wasn't very interested in paint brushes. To get his attention and enthusiasm I let him paint with his cars and trains (the cheaper ones). He loved it.

This then inspired me to think of and search for other painting ideas or which i found plenty and I am sure there are many more.

As we use each apparatus to paint with I will update this blog entry with pictures and suggestions.

1. Potato masher: dip the masher into the paint and stamp it onto paper.

2. Drinking straw: tape some straws to a lollipop stick and use as a brush or simply use them as they are.

3. Finger

4. Stacking cups: usually hand size for little ones so ideal to hold and dip into paint and then stamp onto the paper.

5. Sponge: you can use sponges on their own or on a stick. We have also tried sponges attached to pegs.

6. Spaghetti: cooked spaghetti or noddles look really fun to paint with.

7. Popcorn: dip popcorn in paint, you could probably use pegs to hold them but I don't think this will be as fun.

8. Cookie cutter

9. Hand

10. Pine cone: we tried this. We put them pine cones on a paper plate and painted them for using as another craft project and the rolled them around the plate. You can also use them to dip in paint and stamp onto paper.

Plate used for painting pine cones on.
11. Bubble wrap: You make use it to make the end of a brush. Cut out shapes or use it the print by placing paper on top of a piece of painted bubble wrap.

12. Celery

13. Bubble wand: use recycled bubble wands or homemade ones using pipe cleaners.

14. Using fishing rod: use the reel to lower things with paint on down to the piece of paper.

15. Water bead: place the beads into paint and then into a cardboard box with paper in. The roll them around.

16. Syringe: use a syringe to squirt paint.

17. Plastic Easter eggs: You could fill them with paint and drop them to break open or dip them.

18. Body

19. Ketchup bottle: Squirt paint

20. Tooth brush: I would use cheap ones rather than old ones for hygiene reasons.

21. Homemade paint icelolly: using an ice cube tray and lollipop sticks freeze

22. Acorns

23. Pipe cleaner: make pipe cleaner brushes or use them on their own. You can make them into letters, numbers and shapes.

24. Thumb

25.Leaves: paint onto leaves and use them to print or dip into paint.

26. Spatula: use them to add paint and as a brush to move paint.

27. Foot

28. Nail scrubbing brush

29. Feathers: again you could make them into a brush or use them on their own.

30. Slide: roll objects down the slide onto paper or squirt paint down it.

31. Okra: dip and print

32. Elastic bands brush

33. Magnet: using a magnet and something like a paperclip to move paint around.

34.Cotton buds: We have used this for dipping and painting Easter eggs. You can use it to make shapes, numbers and letters onto card and print using them.

35. Flowers: Dylan loved this he dipped flowers in paint and stamped them onto the paper.

36. Party blower: blow into the paint and then onto the painting

37. Tennis ball: dip the balls in paint and roll around a tub with paper in. You could throw them at the paper or attach them to a stick and paint.

38. Elastic snap painting: Use elastic bands over a box, paint the banks and flick them. You could also use them to make a catapult to paint.

39. Potatoes: easy to carve shapes

40. Pumpkins: paint pumpkins and then roll the pumpkin on some paper.

41.Packing peanut: dip and paint (caution with this activity- chocking

42. Scrubbing brush

43. Carrots

44. Marbles

45. Corn cob

46. Bubbles

47. Polystyrene: carve patterns, shapes, numbers etc into it and paint it then print.

48. Egg carton

49. Apples: cut into segments or paint he outside and roll.

50. Pendulum: attach something with paint to the end of some string and swing it into a piece of material you want to paint.

51. Toy cars: Use old or cheap toy cars to roll in paint and then transfer to material. we tried this Dylan loved it and he also enjoyed the carwash after.
Painting with toy cars and trains.

Carwash after painting with cars.

52. udder made from rubber gloves or balloons


54. Broccoli and cauliflower: We used left over scraps but you could use actual florets.

55. Cardboard shapes

56. Water balloons: Throw them at the canvas

57: Pipettes: to squirt paint
58: Fabric: Throwing at a canvas or pulling around a canvas.

59. Shower puff: This could be thrown, attached to a stick or simply used with their hands.
60. Screwed up ball of paper: attach to a stick, throw/drop onto a canvas or use hands
61.Egg cups
62. Fruit mesh: save the mesh/netting from the fruit and paint it and print. Or use it to make a brush.

63. Toilet rolls: If used whole you could roll them or cut them into smaller pieces. You can also squirt paint inside them and let it drip.
64. Bottle tops: You can use them as they are or add foam shapes to them.

65. Screws, nuts and bolts- dip into paint and transfer. Or place them in a box and roll them.
66. Balloons: on a stick inflated or at the end of a brush deflated. You could fill with paint and pop them.

67. Spoons. knives and forks- plastic probably a better idea.
68. Yoghurt pots: You could add foam shapes to the top to print.
69. Hairbrush- again probably better with cheap new one than used.
70. Colander: pou paint into a colander and let it drip through whilst you turn it

 71. With gloves on: put gloves on before painting with your hands. Many different style gloves to try.
72. Dice- roll dice in paint- not sure what it would look like.

73.CDs: Cd spin art looks great. Could just used form printing

74. Paper plates- use them to do printing
75. Cotton balls: use pegs to make it easier.

76.Pasta: lots of different pasta shapes to try printing.

77. Toy footprints

78. Toy tools- hammer
79. 3D Shapes

80. Keys

81. Money
82. Sticks

83. Rubber ducks: Dip them in paint and stamp them onto the canvas.
84. Shells: paint and roll them onto the paper.

85. Comb: seen some lovely rainbow design combs.
86. Socks on

87. Finger puppets

88. Stones
89. Old nail varnish brush

90. Glue applicator sticks

91. Stuffed gloves and socks

92. Spikey balls
93. Peppers

94. Match sticks
95. Mascara brushes

96. Golf balls
97. Yoyo

98. Pom poms

99. Chop sticks

100. String/wool

 Please remember some of these activities pose a risk to small children and babies so choose wisely and do not leave them unattended.
I would definitely be interested in learning how you utilize the same materials or other materials that you use for painting.

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