Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eric Carle style Butterfly

During the summer bucket list last year we had a day dedicate to the author of the Hungry Caterpillar book Eric Carle. When I was searching for ideas I found a lovely piece of art on and I have wanted to use this idea ever since. We adapted it slightly as we never used printing or tissue paper.

After the shapes butterfly activity we had a cut out of the wings on card. So we used this to give us the shape of the butterfly.
I also utilised the left over painted eggs we made as cards to cut into the shapes for decorating the wings. Dylan painted these with finger paints for Easter.

Dylan finding the shapes already stuck on.

Dylan matching the shape on the other side.

The master piece.

We recently visited a butterfly farm and read the hungry caterpillar book so this activity fits really well.
It was really easy to set up and not very messy as we used old art projects and recycled craft bits.

What do you need?
Old pieces of painted/printed art (or paint/crayons to make some)
Double sided tape or PVA glue
Googly eyes
Lollipop sticks

Learning activities/ ideas

Talk about butterflies
Read the hungry caterpillar
Shapes identification
Shape match
Left and right sides.
Googly eye matching
Craft stick colour matching.
Describe colours
Using fine motor skills to handle shapes and eyes.
This was the second butterfly craft project of the day and he was getting tired so I did a lot of the work really.  He did well to match the eye design and size and he selected  matching colour lollipop sticks. He identified all the shapes and pointed to them on the side I had already stuck down. He found matching them on his side much more difficult than the Foam Shape butterfly we did earlier. Maybe as this was quite compact it might have been better to have smaller shapes or less of them.
Dylan loved sticking the eyes on and the antennae.

Any suggestions welcome.
Enjoy and let me know if you plan on using this.

Date of activity Wednesday 10th April
Dylan 2.4 Years


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