Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Sensory C is for Christmas

I had a lovely morning doing a baby sensory session with my two sons (one is a preschooler ) and my bestie and her gorgeous little girl. The two other mom's and babies couldn't come today but are trying their own thing at home. 

Although we did lots in the time it's quite hard to photograph and  participate so not all was recorded.
We started off with the Christmas songs and using the instruments .  Both ba
Noes responded to the music and never minded the loudness (as a result of my elder son ). Zac just wanted to eat the instruments and Harper was just chilling watching her mom do all the work.
We sang jingle bells, when Santayana got stuck up the chimney, Rudolph the red nose reindeer ,  Santa Claus is coming to town.  We did this for about 10mins then off to make the salt dough imprints and cuttings.

We used cinnamon salt dough for extra sensory experience . Plus smell lasts whilst on your tree but bit sure how long. 

Then onto the sensory box

What was in the box ?
Dyed pasta
Pretend presents with reasons in
Real pine needles
Battery Tea lighters
Foil wrapping
Pine cones
Candy canes
Tissue paper 
( I forgot to put bells in from off the tree)

How did the sensory box go down with the babies. Harper was tired and hungry so watched for a little while her monmy took pic of zac trying to eat them all. He seemed to study the items then out them in his mouth. 

Fan came back to join in this and we left him playing with it while we went back to read some books. 
Smdylan was helping show zac the touchy feely parts of the books. Zac willingly grabbed to book and felt parts. Harper also put her hand out to touch.

Great fun and definatly a success. Very well behaved children.

Thanks to Louise and Harper for joining us . Can't wait until next week. Xx

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