Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby sensory : D is ducks: the plan

Planning ahead

What you need you to bring 
Some rubber ducks
Duck themed books
Duck teddy
An apron

Resources you will use
Paint/paper/ card
Musical instruments
Paddling pool
Rubber ducks

Sensory checklist  

Sight: see rubber ducks floating , real ducks 

Hearing: use of musical instrument and singing. Songs like five little duck, ugly duckling and old macdonald . Listen to sound of ducks quacking.

Taste: as we going to feed ducks bread we could make duck shaped bread for them to try. 

Touch: feel the rubber duck and water.  Feel the bread .  

Smell: the water can be scented with bubble bath.  Smell of the pond/ducks.

Art/craft: hand/footprint duck craft , rubber duck stamping 

Messy play: water play

Role play: actions to songs like five little ducks, finger puppets.

Explore & discover: ducks in their habitat , sound a duck makes. Gloating rubber ducks.

Physical activity: action sounds about ducks, playing instruments

Book club: duck books books (story books ugly duckling)

Follow up ideas- visit duck pond again.  


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