Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby sensory : F is for feathers: The Plan

Planning ahead

What you need you to bring 
Feather sensory tub
Feather in a bottle
A diy feather brush
An apron

Resources you will use
Paint/paper/ card
Clear bottle
Lollipop stick 
Musical instruments
Sticky tape

Sensory checklist  

Sight: see colourful feathers in sensory tub and in sensory bottle

Hearing: use of musical instrument and singing. Songs like five little ducks , ten little indians ,old macdonald . 

Taste:  a little tedious but try foods  like chicken, turkey or duck. Or foods that beging with F: fruit, fish , fromage frais.

Touch: feel the feathers in the sensory tub, be tickled with the feathers.

Smell: go for a walk to look for birds and smells from all around

Art/craft: diy feather brush, make a feather crown

Messy play: painting with feathers

Role play: pretend to be birds or red Indians ( tap your hand over their mouth when they are making a noise and it will sound like the red Indian celebration action)

Explore & discover: where feathers are from, action and feel of feathers

Physical activity: actions to songs like five little ducks,  ten little Indians , sing and dance with feathers.

Book club: books about feathers/birds

Follow up ideas-  visit bird Avery / zoo, play some more with sensory tub and bottle. Add a penny to the sensory bottle and tip it upside down. 


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