Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby Sensory A-Z: U is for utensils

My original thought was to do umbrella but I had recently done the ice bucket challenge and didn't want to get wet going out in the rain. Do I research letter U activities and found Utensils.
I thought that could work. It was a quick session and we never did any craft or messy play with them but we could do some baking and siving next time. We could even paint with the masher. 

So I made up a kitchen utensils bucket and let them explore and encouraged them to make music and we role played goldilocks and the three beard eating porridge. 

Then my preschooler used the tongs ( which is the utensil he picked) so I got some recycled bottle tops and a muffin tray and encouraged him to count, sort and spell out the letter U.

Next time we will probably :-
Bake a cake
Make scrambled egg to use whisk or angel delight
Siv flour and raisins then make a cake
Mash some veg 
Paint / stamp with them
Make scented salt dough
Make Rice Krispie cakes 

Loads to do to make it last all day!

Zac 1 Dylan 3.9

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