Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Space themed play

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As part of the baby sensory series I wanted to introduce Zac to salt . So I decided to make a sensory box. We recently visited the space centre and so I thought a space themed box  is a good link to that.
So we set up the box and also decided to make a space scene to play with.

What did we use?
A salt space sensory box with stars, space characters/rockets
A black sheet for space scene
Space themed toys and objects that could represent space objects
Scratch paper
Plain paper, Black paint/brush and wax candle
Dress up costume
Rice Krispies and cooking chocolate plus silver/gold sprinkles
Black paper and chalk

What did we do?
Dress up as buzz light year 
Collected space objects for the bucket
We played wth the sensory box
We set up and played with the sensory scene
We arranged objects in order of size
We scratched a space scene and a rocket
We drew stars on a piece of paper with wax and painted over with black paint
Played with empty salt containers as rockets
Make space cakes
Draw a chalk space pic

Here our our pics of the day.

Collected and played with objects in a space bucket
The space bucket: toy story characters, rockets, flow in the dark stars/ planets, cups, hoops and balls.

We made it dark and started setting up the space scene.

They used them as musical instruments

Sorted the rockets by size

Counted and sorted the stars by size

Counted and arranged the planets
Counted, described and arranged cups
Then we played with the toys for a while .

I set up the sensory box by mixing salt with black liquid paint and decided to add a bit of flour to make the texture better for playing. Added toys, stars , cake cup cases balls and hoops.

Zac climbed in and Dylan put his feet in.

I forgot to take a pic of the scratching but here is the rocket.
Spelt out space on the fridge

Chalk space drawing- Zac seemed to understand draw and dot dot dot lol.

Space bouncing on the moon (trampoline)

Making space cakes

Rice Krispie and chocolate cakes with gold and silver cake deco balls aka Space Cakes

Fun packed day very exhausted but very rewarding .
Dylan 3.8 and Zac 1.

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