Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grass heads

Grass heads are so easy to make and fun to watch grow. I have even made them with my secondary age pupils as a science investigation.

The one featured in the blog is a bought one as it was only £1.50 and helped give me ideas for making our own.
So we added the water and placed the rope into the plastic container and rested the grass head on top . Then your set. It took a good week to start showing signes of growth.

How to make your own? 
Well I have made it with stockings, compost, grass seeds, elastic bands and a cup.
The one I have made didn't have any rope just extra stocking as the contact with water. I used elastic bands to pinch bulges for a nose and drew on eyes. The cup I used previously was white, having seen this one I would suggest a transparent cup as seing the roots was a good learning point. I am sure it's fairly easy to add rope and use foam and googley eyes but super glue might be the best option as the grass head absorbs the water.


Best growth conditions- dark/light , temp , with/without plant food, water
Measuring grass length
Different stockings investigation

A good idea is to monitor growth by measuring the height of the grass overtime and keeping a diary with sketches or pictures .

Hope this helps.

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