Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Potato dig

This post is psrt of the potato themed activities that wid did this weekend as I went to throw old potatoes out and thought we could use them to play and learn.

So the potato dig involved potatoes, mud and a sit in digger. He role played a construction worker moving boulders or in this case potatoes. He had to move the boulders off the mud and drop them over the wall onto the patio. I encouraged him to count the potatoes on the two places and in total.

Extension tasks 
Write it label potatoes  and get them to place in piles. Maybe to desperate letters and numbers.
He could use the digger to arrange them into sizes.

This activity required physical strength and was quite tricky to actually pick them up but he had great fun .  Probably should have got his Bob the Builder hat . 

Sarah and Dylan 3.6

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