Sunday, May 11, 2014

O is for Orange


The boys and I have been working through a baby sensory a-z and we got to O and decided to do oranges. Then I thought we could start a new series of colour themed days. So this post is about our orange day activities.

What did we have?
Orange toys in an orange basket
Orange food 
Orange craft supplies
Orange coloured and scented cloud dough
Orange foam window letters and objects

What did we do?
We tasted the orange food and talked about the taste and texture 
We played with orange cloud dough
We sorted orange toys
We completed a tally chart of the orange objects
We painted/printed with oranges
We made a collage with orange craft supplies
We did some kitchen science and made orange potions
Looked at an orange sensory bottle
Played I spy
Made music

Here are some of our fantastic pics.

Orange printing with Zac .🍊

Orange collage with Dylan. Zac not very interested.

Orange printing with Dylan 🍊

Playing with craft objects.

Tickling with feathers🐥
More tickling...

Peekaboo with tissue paper

Made a model of an 🍊

Orange cloud dough with orange toys

Burying the toys

Foam letters/objects window fun

Science making orange potions and observing reactions.

We used baking soda, vinegar, orange juice, effervescent vitamin c tablets and flour.

Orange food sensory play

Making jelly

Orange sensory bottle: orange juice, oil, water, orange peel, lentils, orange craft bits.

Orange food sensory play.
We had jelly, cornflakes, smoothie, hooped cereal, sweat potato.

Orange food tasting

Name that food game 

More food tasting

Hand eye coordination squirting baby fruit purée onto a spoon

Orange sensory basket 

We made an activity of collecting the orange toys from around the house.

We sorted the objects into groups and made a tally chart.

I spy the number 3

Made music (noise lol)

Teaching his little brother

Rearranging window letters/objects

Busy day, great fun . Kids loved it and Dylan was even planning which colour to do next. I left the basket still set up and they played for a couple of days wapiti the toys .

Love the orange prints and will probably get it framed for display .

Dylan 3.6 and Zac 10 months

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