Monday, May 5, 2014

Potato people

Stuck for inspiration if what to play, I was about to throw away some old potatoes that looked green. Then I thought Dylan could play with them.

One of the activities was to make faces using sticks and stones but this was quite hard. I wanted an outdoor activity as the weather was nice but we could have decorated them with craft items and glue .  I used a screwdriver to help him put the stones and sticks in.

I didn't take a pic of the face but then I thought we could make a potato snowman.

They do like quite ugly but great fun.

We used a stick to join the two/three poratoes for the body  We talked about potato size as his preschool have introduced the term 'medium' . So the potato with three was ideal for this as he found a small medium and big one.

We made daddy , Dylan and then a baby as Zac. Yes where's mommy ?? Lol I think he thinks that snowmen are all men/boys so these were the same . Which you can't blame him as there is the word man in the name.

I must be honest I did most of the fixing together. Dylan found the resources which was another one of his preschool targets. 

Other learning ideas

Roll a dice for a part either remove or add.
Potato people small word play.
Tally chart number of eyes, heads and arms etc.
Measure height and width of the people.
You could paint them elite to look like snowmen.

Sarah and Dylan 3.6

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