Wednesday, May 14, 2014

50 outdoor challenges

My sister-in-law made us this poster and I decided to capture the boys doing the activities on there as a return gift for the future.

We started today, although Dylan 3.6 has already done some of the list, I want them both together.

So we made a den obviously I think the idea is that they make it themselves but that will come with time . Plus a good way to learn is by copying. 

Then I searched for photos for ideas for pretending to fly and stumbled across this article that was in the daily mail with 50 suggested outdoor activities for kids to do before  the age of 12. It was a campaign from the national trust to encourage children to get out and enjoy the outdoors rather than play on computers and watch television.

So our checklist had increased to 50. I will document how we get on with our bucket list.

We would love to see your attempts of the list .

Sarah , Dylan and Zac.

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