Sunday, March 22, 2015

Masher Medics

Dylan was playing with Woody from Toystory and pretended he had a ripped arm like in the movie. I said do we need to fix him? He replied yes. I said we can get the doctor stuff out and you can fix all the toys like Doc Mcstuffin. He then said "I know we can use the mashers as I can fix them together". 

So I set up the stuff
Elastic bands
Lollipop sticks
Dr set

Then he wanted to fix buzz and woody too as Zac his brother was playing with them .

They played for a good 15 mins.

This was about 9:30am Sunday morning and they were still in pjs .

I was surprised Zac sat still for so long as he is 20months. 
Dylan enjoyed using the elastic bands to attach the splint (lollipop stick). He also managed to open and used the plasters which he loved. 
We drew around the toys with chalk and pretended they were X-rays.

As always not planned and loads of fun.

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