Saturday, July 4, 2015

DJs Book Review: Shark in the park!

Dylan's pre-school sends a book home every week and he has a reading book log where we write comments .  I have often searched online to find out about potential book purchases so I thought why not combine information fo others and record memories too.
So I will give an overview of the book and Dylan's response . 
The book is part of a series I think about a shark .  

A boy looks through a telescope and sees shapes that look like a sharks fin. Each time he is mistaken. Although the shark appears at the end unbeknown to the boy.
I think this book is colourful, has repetition and rhyming. I love the peep hole that you turn to reveal the true object. This instills excitement and suspense. Both my 4 year old and 2 year old enjoyed it.
Dylan's response was can we read it again? Which we did but I let him fill in loads of the gaps.
His favourite part was when he saw the shark at the end. I think he was shocked! 
He read it from memory (partially) to his ban the next day. He was so excited. This shows it was a good book!

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