Saturday, August 15, 2015

Neighbourhood yellow hunt

A favourite of my 4 year old is coloured themed days which we finish off with. a colour hunt walk around the neighbourhood.  however I didn't have chance to take pics of the one on yellow day so I made sure we completed one later too capture it.
So what did we see...?

Loads of flowers 
Builders vest
Number plates
A garage 
A car (gold really)

We discussed this sign I always ask what he thinks they mean. He usually guess right . 


More flowers . We did the buttercup trick where you hold it under the chin and if it shines yellow then you like butter . Obviously if you don't like butter this doesn't work 😄

More signs and an activity of climbing the fence. Which he loved!

Where he found more flowers

We went passed a builders yard that had yellow advertising signs. We read them and explained as best as I could what they were.

I never managed to get the skip or garage as the person was on their drive and I thought it was rude . 

The car was too fast .

Finally we went to the shop and got a kinder egg .

Dylan 4..9, Zac 2.1

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