Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Days Out in Birmingham: Cannon Hill Park

The summer holidays this year have been 7 weeks long and this can get very expensive when you are trying to entertain the children even though there are loads of free activities and places to go. Although the days trips to places that charge are 'usually' worth the money for the experience.
Cannon Hill in Birmingham have once again put on a beach/ fair and entertainment. The entertainment  and sand play is free but the fair charges.

We visited today and these are the FREE activities we did. Played in the sand and watched the entertainment on stage.
Played in the multiple parks on climbing frames, swings, slides etc.

We took our bikes and cycled around to find our picnic spot.

Had a picnic and saved the crusts for the ducks, geese and swans.

Played hide and seek in the bushes

Climbed up the small trees.

We went with friends and there were a range of ages and all enjoyed the variety of activities.
Dylan had another 4 year old to cycle with as he much faster than Me a Zac on his bike. Although Zac is very fast and I have to jog to keep up if he is at full speed. He went down a few hills and he lifted his legs up to roll, getting very confident on there. Dylan's friend had no stabilisers and I think this has helped me to convince him to try his without any. We will be going there to try this! Scary thought but a vital learning curve.

Well recommended for day trip or shorter visit. There is a brilliant path that is very wide, flat and safe for small children with bikes.

Other free activities - some of they may need forward planning.
  1. Bug collecting
  2. Wild life tracking
  3. Leaf identification/ match to tree- collect leaves as you go around and ask them match to another tree.
  4. Leaf wax rubbings
  5. Nature collage
  6. Create a journey stick- find a stick and pick up items of your journey and attach the to your stick.
  7. Scavenger hunt
  8. Park watch- tally the number of red bikes, dog etc.
  9. Sketch/ paint- you can take material to draw the scenery.
  10. Photography- to give them a camera to take their own picks (obviously not expensive ones)
  11. Sports/physical games like football, cricket or tig.
  12. Sound safari- monitor sounds
  13. Role play- act out favourite stories
  14. Flower safari- search flowers
  15. Sensory walk- blindfold them and get the to feel and smell objects
  16. Bark rubbing
  17. Create an outdoor sculpture
  18. Twig shapes
  19. Whistle the grass
  20. Make a mud pie

Paid activities also include golf , boat rides and I think tennis.

Dylan 4.9 and Zac 2.1

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