Saturday, August 15, 2015

Crane magnetic pick up

I tried this activity with my four year old about 1 1/2 ago and he loved it. So I wanted to try it with my 2.1 year old and he was more interested in the objects than the activity. Dylan liked using the wind up crane too. But I with Dylan my eldest he sat at the table do his attention was more focused .

Then Dylan came to check it out.
I used the sorting activity to stretch it for him. Wher he had to identify if it was magnetic or not? I also used objects that had both parts that were and weren't . But decided to place it in the magnetic part of the table if any part was magnetic.

I encouraged Dylan 4.9 to talk us through what he was doing and what he found using keywords like magnetic. I recorded this to keep. This helps develop his confidence and scientific enquiry skills .

We talked about what we notice I out the two piles and that the magnetic side were mostly metals but that not all metals are magnetic .

Dylan did this at 2.5

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