Friday, August 21, 2015

Pipe cleaners and beads play

Looking back at when I tried this activity with my four year old he was a little older than my 2.1 year old.
Dylan (4) at the time was very focused and vocal during the activity telling me what colours he was using. Zac just got on with it but told me the colours he wanted when probed.


I didn't manage to get any pics of Zac with the colander as Dylan started using it to make a super hero hat with lasers.

Zac is more prone to putting things in his mouth than Dylan so I had to watch his very closely. He quickly got fed up and threw the beads.

What will I try next...?
Linking in patterns
Get him to match one I have done
Count them
Match colour bead to the pipe cleaner

Zac 2.1

Here is the blog from when I did it in 2013 with Dylan.

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