Friday, August 21, 2015

Coloured Peg and Pipe Cleaner Match up

I was desperate for new pegs and saw these in the shop they are multi-coloured ones.I knew that they wouldn't end up on my washing line as the kids loved them.

This morning we had the pipe cleaners out doing a threading activity. Then I saw that we had a few colours that matched to the pegs and here we have the next activity.

I was quite impressed how quickly Zac (2.1) matched the colours and that he said the right colours.

Then I thought how can I extend this for a four year old....
He had to make a chain with the pipe cleaners using pegs to hold them together. (I had to twist the pipe cleaners in the end).

He made a big chain that he used to show shapes like a circle. We didn't manage to mage letters or numbers but this is a possibility for next time.

Dylan 4.9
Zac 2.1

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