Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ten Minute Shake up: Disney

After a day of rain and stuck in the house it was time to get outside. Dylan loves playing with his toys indoors and often needs persuading to go outside. 

I have noticed adverts about the 10 minute shake up on TV and thought we could do that.

So we made a game up that we called Disney Dice Races. We got two objects to represent start/finish and turn around point. We also had a dice and then came up with 6 possible actions to do for the run. 

1. Planes- arms out like a plane
2. Cars- steering like a car
3. Toystory- Woody riding on a horse
4. Toystory- Buzz shooting his laser
5. Monsters inc- roaring and moving like a monster
6. Tigger- bouncing 

I didn't manage to get many photos as my battery died but I know we will do it again and the actions are fairly simple plus your child may adapt them .

I would love to here of anyone else's ideas for ten minute shake up!

Sarah , Dylan (4.9 )and Zac (2.1)

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