Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Board Game TOTB: Guess Who


This is the first of the Board Game Thinking Outside Of The Box series.
The inspiration for this is that both my son and I like to invent new games to play and using games that we already had is loads of fun.

This game was one of my favourite and most played game of my childhood. The age indicates 6+ but I brought it for my son when he first turned 4. I would say he soon learned what questions to ask and steered away from copying the questions. The only problem is that he needs another person who isn't playing to read the names to him.

Here are TEN TOTB ideas for Guess Who

1. We could do a scientific observation of the people. Link it to variation of the population and use numeracy skills to track the characteristics that are the most popular in the sample of people from the population. Two people could do it and then compare results and discuss reliability.
2. Also he could use oracy skills to describe the individuals and the other person can guess.
3. You could use drawing skills to copy the individual for the other person to guess.
4. You could draw your own Guess Who character maybe a self portrait.
5. With the animal sheet you can also do a scientific survey and tally according to group of vertebrate.
6. You could use the names for the people and animals and get them to write them on a piece of paper
7. You could do a literacy content analysis of how many names start with each letter of the alphabet.
8. This same idea could be used to analyse the colours of the rainbow.
9. Math coordinates could be used to signal the target i.e 2 across and 2 up starting from the bottom left.
10. Story telling we could use the characters as characters in a story that we are going to make up. We could also combine story telling dice to help derive the rest of the plot.

I will post how we get on doing these activities ASAP!
This is not a sponsored post!

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