Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Playdoh Town: Castle

The boys love the idea of a Playdoh town and I asked them what kind of town we should make and a Castle was the answer from my knight loving 2.7 year old.

So... There was a castle with people (from ELC) some Playdoh , animal props and then we used pasta and tools to create more animals / dragons / monsters. 

We acted out a typical 'damsel in distress' story .

We used the animals to copy and make Playdoh versions.

We used imagination to create our own monsters/ dragons. Giving them names and using them in the role play.

They still talk about our Playdoh town  weeks later and will definitely make a different town using toys and Playdoh .
We will probably recreate for St George's day.

You could easily incorporate more learning such as numeracy
Counting, adding/subtracting animals and alphabet by putting a letter by each object indicating what they start with.

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