Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pebble tadpoles

My neighbour has a pond and I decided to ask him for some tadpoles for a science lesson I was doing at my sons school. So I got two tall jars and filled with pond water, pond weed and tadpoles. So after the visit /lesson we had them. The boys were so enthusiastic about them that they have stayed.  I am going to return them just as they transform into frogs.

They have been moved from jars to a vase. 
I added some pebbles so they can hide too. 

We got a chalkboard , pebbles and chalk. He used the tadpoles in the vase for observation . He held the pebble and drew a tail . He then drew eyes on the pebbles.
We discussed colours of the chalk and shape of the pebble could also be mentioned.

This was a quick activity on our tadpole Tuesday .
Zac talked to the pebble tadpoles , such imagination.
Zac 2.9 months
No Dylan today he was at school 

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