Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Log Work Station

Today while his daddy was doing DIY my 2 year old wanted to be like daddy and insisted hammering everywhere in the house so I went to the shed and grabbed a hammer nails, nuts & bolts, Allen key and spanners.

I hammered 5 nails into a log in the garden and encouraged him to hammer them.

I showed him how nuts and bolts work and he placed the nuts on the nails.
We counted the nuts and the washers.

He practised his fine motor skills picking them up and moving them.

We talked about shapes and whether the nuts fit into the spanner. 

We talked about which way to screw and unscrew the nuts.
We picked up the nuts, balanced and counted them on the Allen Key.

Nice weather too, good garden fun.
Zac 2.11.

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