Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Circle Obsession

From a very early age Dylan has been obsessed with shapes and is now a master at shape sorting. He even likes to show off and plays a game where he tries to put the shape in the wrong slot and then he says no and shakes his head. He does this several times and then congratulates himself when he gets it right. We have been playing a few games with cut out shapes and are going to make a shape garland with them soon. When I first showed him the shapes his response was "wow weee".

 He had fun sorting the shapes, saying the colour and we then matched 2D card shapes to 3D shapes. He loved it.

He is totally obsessed with the circle, he points out circles where ever we go. Whilst drawing today he started using the circle stamps and then he kept saying circle, circle and came up to me. When I looked at the doodle pad he had drawn his first circle. So I took a picture as I was so pleased. I know I'm sad but I am really proud of him. Check it out!

Five things to do with 2D card shapes and 3D shapes .

1. Identify the shape
2. Sort them into piles
3. Identify the colour
4. Pairs/snap (mommy has a circle, can Dylan find a circle? and then say snap)
5. Match 2D shapes to 3D shapes- place them on top of each other. Dylan added to this by building a tower.

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