Monday, June 11, 2012

Eye spy with my magnifying glass...

 I started thinking about outdoor activities to do and I like the idea of a nature walk. I thought we could take a bucket collect some bits of 'nature' and look at them. We could also look at insects as Dylan calls every insect he sees a Bee. I bought some magnifying glasses for us to use to look at the objects that we collect and the creepy crawlies.

 So when I spotted a spider in the house I thought why not try them out and gave the magnifying glass and the cup with the spider in to the boys to have a look.

Dylan was curious and wanted to hold it himself. However he then decided to try and squash the spider and bang the magnifying glass so I still think we need to work on animal cruelty and using magnifying glasses.

The theme tune for this activity was obviously Incy Wincy Spider which I found a nice clip of on youtube.

I have a set that I bought off ebay at work to make spiders out of pom poms and pipe cleaners which I am going to bring home and make.

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