Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Summer Bucket list ideas

I have seen several ideas for how to organise a summer bucket list and most of them involve deciding the activities before hand. Some people use a washing line with the alphabet written on envelopes and ideas suggested are placed on a piece of paper in each. (Seen on http://alphabetsummerkits.com/alphabet-summer-bucket-list-banner/) Children can then select the letters on the washing line and if old enough can help decide possible activities/themes or tasks to complete. I really like this idea but I may try this when Dylan is older. Another way was to write ideas on a peg and attach them to a bucket and once selected to put them into the bucket. (seen on http://amomwithalessonplan.com/2012/05/31/summer-bucket-list-bucket-add-pics-and-links-to-sched/) Again I like this but you have either got to plan ahead and write the activities on the peg or go with the A-Z approach.

I have decided to combine the best of both and use the Alphabet stones we made last week, a bucket and thinking on the spot method. So the plan is to get Dylan to pick out a stone with a letter on and the decide an activity/ theme or task to do that day. I may have a few ideas of trips out in mind that may need forward planning but if that is the case I may need to tweek it.

As the London 2012 Olympics are starting this week I did think about having and Olympic themed  A-Z bucket list. I decided not to and try and do a seperate Olympic themed adventures and document them in a scrap book to keep. We will see how that goes it may be too much.

A- Animals / Army / Achery & Athletics (Olympic link)
B- Balloon adventures/ Bubbles/ Badminton & Basketball  (Olympic link)
C- Circus/ Carnival/Cake/ Craft/ Cycling (Olympic link)
D- Deep sea/ Dinosaurs/ Diving (Olympic link)/ Discus
E- Emergency services/ Enchanted/ Elephants/ Egg hunt/ Equestrian (Olympic link)
F- Fairies/Food faces/ Finger puppets/ Fishing/ Football & Fencing (Olympic link)
G- Games/ Garage/ Gardening/ Giraffe/ Golf /Gymnastics (Olympic link)
H- History day /Handball & Hockey (Olympic link)
I- Ice cube or ice cream fun/ Igloo/ Imagine or investigate. Igniting the torch (Olympic link)
J- Jelly fun/ Junk craft/ Judo (Olympic link)
K-Kangaroos/ Kite
L- Luau/Library/Lava lamp/ Long jump (Olympic link)
M-Museum/Movies/ Music/ Mandeville Olympic mascot (Olympic link)
N- Nature walk/ Navy/Night and Day
O Ocean/ Orchestra/ Olympic rings (Olympic link)
P- Post office/ Party/ Pirates/ Princesses/Pentathlon (Olympic link)
Q- Queen (Olympic link)
R-Rainbow/ Rainforest Rowing (Olympic link)
S- Science/Safari park/ Summer fete/ Sailing, Shooting & Swimming (Olympic link)
T-Torch,  Table tennis, Tennis, Taekwondo, Trampoline, Triathlon (Olympic link)
U- Uniforms/Umberella
V- Vehicles/Volleyball (Olympic link)
W- Weather/ Wenlock Olympic mascot, Weightlifting & wrestling(Olympic link)
X- Xylophone/ Xray/ Xmas/ X-men
Y- Yacth:-sailing (Olympic link)
Z- Zoo animals/ Zebras

There are a few letters that I can't think of an Olympic version for any suggestions welcome.

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