Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer bucket list day three: A is for Animals

Today Dylan picked out the Z stone and I would really like to actually take him to the Zoo again so I made him pick another. He picked A so I thought the theme animals would be perfect.

Trip to a Pet Shop
We went to pick up a new filter sponge and net for splish and splash the goldfish from the local pet shop. Unfortunately they only had fish there, I thought they had more animals. Nevertheless Dylan certainly had fun looking at all the animal cages, food and toys.

He liked this fish tank and said that it was Nemo. Lots of the pictures from my phone weren't very good. :(

Animal 3D-2D match game
When we got back we played with the animal flashcards and figures. I got him to tell me what the animal was, what noise it makes and the place them on the flashcard.

 He was very enthusiastic until he had to do the dog as he then decided the dog should chase the cat and started fighting with them. This was quite funny to watch.

Animal Dominoes
Then we played with the new animal dominoes that I got from the trip to the Birmingham Nature centre.
 He hasn't quite taken to this game yet and I think 5/6 is the maximum we have managed to do. Maybe after a few more times of if there is more than me and him playing.

Animal Hide and Seek

An extention of the matching game earlier we took the figures and flashcards outside and I made Dylan close his eyes and scattered the animal figures.

I was planning of asking him to find them one by one as I gave him a flashcard to look for them. But he was so excited and just picked up any that he saw and bought them over to me and placed them on the flashcards.

Bath tub animals

Bath time arrived and I got all the usual animals that go in the tub. We counted how many ducks, fish, frogs, turtles and starfish there were.

Then we played with the wind up toys. The duck is broken and Dylan explained it was because the batteries were gone. Bless him.

Another great day! Thanks Dylan x

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