Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer bucket list day four: L is for Light

These were my ideas for the Light day.

Splitting light with a prism
Make tin can luminaries
Make a light box
Torch fun
Shadow puppets
Opaque, transparent and translucent science project
Make sun glasses
Egg carton light projector
Glow in the dark ballons in the bath
Plastic lid suncatcher
Magnifying glass fun
Torch discs
Mini shadow puppets
Cheap luminaries- colander
Make binoculars
Sensory bottles with coloured water and glitter
Mirror- reflection fun
Shadow games
Glow in the dark discovery
Make a kalidescope
Old CD mobile for the garden

We didn't get much done as the weather was really nice again and we ended up playing with water again.

I did tell him that we need to make a shaded area with a umberella and he needs to stand in the umberella's shadow. He likes chasing his and my shadow but its difficult to get a picture of this.

Alfie and Jessie (Nanny and grandad's dogs) also love water play and Dylan kept trying to give them water or splash them.

Nanny found a snail and the had a short trip on the boat.

Loves the hose pipe...

When we got too hot we went in and got the light sensory box out. The coloured transparency paper was the first activity. He enjoyed looking through and seeing everything in a variety of colours.

How light travels through different types of materials
(Toddler version of opaque, transparent and translucent invstigation.)

We also looked at other materials and such as bubble wrap, netting, foam packaging and tissue paper.

Torch play

We did this activity previously but I never blogged it. Grandad gave Dylan a torch to play with and he loves it. I just get it out and let him explore.

He uses it to look in his shoes, under the sofa on the celling.

Magnifying glass play

Again I have a selection of magnifying glasses that I get out and let him explore with them. He made magnifying glasses and used the torch and the magnifying glass to look at his dinosaur book.

Shadow and tennis racket fun

This was another activity we did earlier in the week. He used the tennis rackets to look through and make shadows.

Shadow puppets

I had to make these as he is too young. I chose to do puppets he would recognise even with my poor art skills. I used some black craft paper, cereal boxes, scissors, barbeque skewers and cellotape.

We used the tent and his torch, I had to do the show and he went behind the tent to see the shadows. He then wanted to get involved. This is a nice activity but I think it will be better when he is a little older.

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