Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer bucket list day five: G is for....

Well we have a few things for G.

First we had the GAS and Electrical service men in. Then we decided to

Go for a long walk.

Mommy got tired and had a rest in the bus stop!
Stopped on the way at Greggs.

Had his first Ginger Bread Man.

 He went for the buttons first, then the head, the the arms and legs. Daddy finished it off later.

Go shopping

Dylan is really into Bob the Builder at the momment and is so cute when he sings the theme tune. He has been doing really well potty training so when we saw the rest of Bob the Builder's crew on sale in Wilkinson's we bought them.
 So Scoop, Dizzy, Muck, Lofty and Rollie had a race down the cardboard ramp.

Then they hid in the home made buider's garage.

 Definately tired me out today, Dylan was really good walking holding onto the pushchair when we got to the shopping centre and enjoyed sight seeing in the puschair pointing out shapes, objects and noises that he recognised. We even saw Bob the Builder! (A construction site).

Good Day !

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