Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer bucket list Day six: F is for Fish

The plan was to clean out the fish tank and do connected fish activities but James got home later than expected and I dont think that Splish and Splash the goldfish would survive being left with Dylan while I clean out the tank.

One, two, three, four, five!

To get into the mood we read and sang the rhyme 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.

We sang it several times and I showed him the whiteboard with the word FISH and the numbers 1-5.
I also asked him what fishes do, he makes a mouth movement like a fish and sometimes wiggles his hand like a fish swimming.

Can you find...

Dylan is really into Nemo at the moment and was very egar to read the colorful ocean book.

I asked him if he could find the fish's friends and listed them, the starfish, sea horse, crab, whale, and shark. We havent got to food chains yet so at this stage the shark is a friend.  We did the 'pinch pinch' actions for the crab and the 'bite' action for the shark.

Jigsaw puzzles
We have two fish jigsaw puzzles that I 'fished' out the puzzle box. Dylan is very quick at these now and very enthusiastic to complete them.

Bless look at his concentration!

Last one!

Cheeky smile and a yeah, then a dash for puzzle two.

We call this one Dorey!

Fish play

We call this one Nemo!

Swim, swim.

Spin, spin.

Chalk play

James used the fish puzzle to draw around and then decorated with the chalk asking Dylan to help. Dylan like to use the rubber more than the chalk at the moment but we still have a go.

Dylan is 20 months old.

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