Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer bucket list: H is for Haden Hill Park and Fair

The local park has two children playgrounds, two duck ponds and a fair passing through.

We took him in his car to sit in when he didn't want to walk and to speed things up in time for tea.

After seeing the ducks and a play in the playground and an ice cream we went down to the fair.

He had his first bounce on the bouncy castle (on his own), he got frustrated after a while as he couldn't bounce properly. He ended up moving backwards to get off.

Then onto the tea cups, I think I was feeling sick more than Dylan.

It was only a small fair and the other rides were too old for him.

We saw a wedding and collected some confetti in the bucket. Along with two twigs, rocks, two feathers, some lichen, pines and some bark.

We talked about the items we collected. He liked putting objects in the bucket and holding it but he soon wanted to tip them out so I had to pick all the bits up again.

We counted the number of similar objects and talked about shapes. I made a face out of the objects too.

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