Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer bucket list: C is for Country park

Last time we tried to go to the local country park it was closed due to the heavy rain that we had the previous week. However, it was open and quite busy when we went.

So what to do with a Toddler at a Country Park?

This country park has animals and it I free, however there is a sign to request donations which I always do as I think there should be more local places like this.

Name the animals.
We saw chickens, ducks, rabbits, hares, geese, pigs, a cow, goats, a sheep, ferrets and horses.

Watch the animals being feed.

Make animal noises.

Whenever we talk about chickens Dylan starts saying Cock-a-doddle-do. I tell him hens go cluck cluck and cockerels cock-a-doddle-do
Talk to the animals.

Dylan especially liked calling the pigs George and Peppa pig and making oink noises.

Play on the climbing frame and and explore the scenery.

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